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The manual application forms for training have been phased out. All applications should be completed using the web form. Applicants are required to use the online portal to submit applications together with a copy of your passport photo, the signed nomination form indicating preference for either the geological or environmental programme, degree/certificate and résumé.

UPDATE (25 October 2022) The following candidates have been selected:

Rank First name Surname Gen. Country Country Class.
1 Sheila Veikune F Tonga SIDS
2 Blessing U. Onoja F Nigeria
3 Biteiti K. Kimaere M Kiribati LDC/SIDS
R1 Caroline Tu’iha’angana F Tonga SIDS
R2 Fatafehi ‘o Lapaha A.F. Mafi F Tonga SIDS
R3 Jolie F.K. Leone F Tonga SIDS

Issue Date: 28 July 2022

Nauru Ocean Resources Inc. (NORI), in accordance with its exploration contract for polymetallic nodules signed with ISA on 22 July 2011, is offering three (3) undergraduate scholarships for candidates from developing States as part of its 2022 training programme.

The undergraduate degree programmes will be offered through the University of the Southern Pacific (USP), Laucala campus in Fiji. The scholarships are open to candidates seeking to pursue studies in the following fields: marine science, biology, environmental science, earth sciences, geosciences, geology, or engineering. Preference will be provided to those with an interest in polymetallic nodules and ocean sustainability.

Semester 1 is set to commence in February 2023 and the trainee is expected to complete the undergraduate programme within the standard time frame of the degree of study (this can be 3 or 4 years depending on the programme).

The scholarship will cover the direct costs required to complete an undergraduate programme at the USP Fiji campus.

These include:

  • Tuition and related student services fees;
  • Monthly living allowance and annual stipend for books;
  • On-campus accommodations (some exceptions can be considered for off-campus, dependent on individual circumstance);
  • Roundtrip economy class airfare, including once a year to recipient’s home country during the annual break;
  • Reimbursement for visa support and travel insurance (if required);
  • COVID related costs if required (i.e. costs related to testing for travel or quarantine).


Candidates must meet the following requirements:


  • Possess the requirements for acceptance to their preferred programme at USP. The programme of choice should be indicated in the application form below. Nb. Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply to USP prior to submitting their scholarship application or while their scholarship application is being reviewed. While this is not a requirement to receive the scholarships, it would lessen the time needed to do the USP admission process if they are selected for a placement.
  • Potential candidates are asked to carefully review USP’s application/admission requirements to ensure they are eligible:
  • Demonstrate an interest in the seafloor minerals industry (preference will be provided to those with an interest in polymetallic nodules and ocean sustainability)


  • Demonstrate a sound knowledge of spoken and written English as required for USP’s admission.


  • In addition to holding a valid passport or being able to secure one, upon confirmed acceptance to USP and successful award of scholarship, candidates must also be able to secure a study permit visa for Fiji as well as other visas that may be required for transit to Fiji. Nb: While NORI will provide the necessary assistance to candidates (i.e. producing supporting documentation or engaging the services of an immigration professional to assist, as required) visas are ultimately not guaranteed. It should also be noted that NORI is not authorized to apply for visas directly on behalf of students.
  • Students’ ability to travel to and legally reside and study in Fiji will be ultimately dependent on their ability to obtain visas. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that the relevant research and gathering/provision of visa documents is timely and accurate. Candidates will be responsible for liaising directly with the University of South Pacific’s international office for relevant visa support. For more information about obtaining a Fiji study permit and how USP can assist, please refer to the following website:


Selected candidates shall enter into a scholarship agreement with NORI, confirming the responsibilities and requirements of the trainee.

Candidates are therefore encouraged to read and ensure they understand NORI’s Terms and Conditions outlined in the scholarship acknowledgement form which they will receive from NORI upon acceptance of the scholarship. The form stipulates what will be required of the trainee to accept and maintain the award. Conditions include , inter alia:

  • Confirmed acceptance into USP.
  • Studying full time and meeting all course requirements.
  • Not changing enrolment without the prior written approval of NORI.
  • Maintain an overall 3.0 GPA, passing and completing all courses.
  • Complying with visa restrictions conditions outlined in the study visa of the host country of study.
  • Accepting that the scholarship may be withdrawn by NORI in consultation with ISA for non-compliance with the conditions outlined in this Agreement and/or for any serious breaches resulting in removal/suspension from USP.
  • Returning to the home country on completion of the scholarship.
  • Abiding by and following all COVID-19 safety protocols as stipulated by the Government of Fiji and USP.
  • Providing to the NORI a copy of the scholar’s academic transcript including the grades awarded in that Semester.
  • At the end of each year the scholarship recipient will be required to submit a report to NORI and the ISA outlining the courses completed, grades received, and a summary of the skills learned. Upon graduation, the scholarship recipient will be required to submit a report to NORI and ISA.


Applications should be submitted by the 28 August 2022 deadline through:

  • the online training portal. Users applying through the online portal (see below), must remember to upload a copy of a passport photo, the signed nomination form, degree/certificate, résumé/CV and other supporting document; OR
  • via email, in English to using the forms below.

Nominations must be accompanied by:

  1. Application Forms (docx | pdf) to be completed by the applicant;
  2. Nomination Form (docx | pdf) to be completed by the institution or governmental department;
  3. Proof of meeting USP academic and language requirements;
  4. Copy of CV or Résumé;
  5. Two recommendations letters; and
  6. A one-page statement of purpose demonstrating interest in the seafloor minerals industry and ocean sustainability (this could be from an environmental, engineering, or scientific perspective)

One of the Voluntary Commitments made by the ISA at the UN Ocean Conference 2017 was “Enhancing the role of women in marine scientific research through capacity building – we therefore strongly encourage suitably qualified females to apply for these training opportunities.