Applications are now open for four (4) Master of Science fellowships for candidates from developing States, Members of the International Seabed Authority (ISA). The placements are provided by Ocean Mineral Singapore Pte. Ltd. (OMS), in accordance with its obligations under its contracts for exploration for polymetallic nodules (PMN) with ISA.

The fellowships will allow candidates to pursue a full-time, 1-year Master of Science (Civil Engineering) with a focus on Ocean Infrastructure and Renewables at the National University of Singapore (NUS). In addition to the fellowships, candidates will benefit from a 2-month industry internship.

The Programme is designed for professionals who are working in the civil engineering and built environment. Intake for this fellowship programme is January 2024 at NUS. Students will acquire advanced and in-depth knowledge to enable an intellectual broadening across the disciplines of civil engineering, keep abreast of innovations and emerging technologies in the civil engineering sector, and integrate knowledge and skills for Industry 4.0 transformation of the built environment.

For candidates who wish to focus on ocean infrastructure and renewable energy, they will learn ocean environmental loads, offshore foundation systems, subsea construction & operational support, etc.

Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree with honours or its equivalent in Civil Engineering or related discipline in the Built Environment, from an institution of recognized standing. If the applicant’s degree is from an institution where the medium of instruction is not English, TOEFL and/or IELTS requirement applies.

OMS will also sponsor and provide the four selected candidates with a two-month industry internship at a Singapore Shipyard to enhance their practical experiences. For the internship, candidates will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement with OMS.

Please visit this link for more information and to apply. Applications by qualified candidates should be received no later than 9 June 2023 9 September 2023. Late or incomplete applications will not be processed.



All contractors with ISA have a legal obligation to provide and fund training opportunities for personnel from developing States and those of ISA.

The legal basis for the requirement stems from the provisions of UNCLOS and the 1994 Agreement and is set out in the standard terms of contracts. Its purpose is to ensure that personnel from developing States are provided with appropriate operational expertise to enable them to participate in deep-seabed mining.

Please visit this page to know more about the Contractor Training Programme.


For additional information, please contact:

Ms. Annekah Mason, Training Coordinator, ISA,