Secretary-General Annual Report

For the first time in 25 years, the Secretary-General Annual Report will be presented in a completely new format. The present report, ISBA/26/A/2, published as an official document of the Assembly, reports on the status of the Convention and related legal instruments, the status of contributions to the budget of the Authority and the status of the Area. The report also summarizes the outcomes of the previous session of the Authority. In addition, the report reviews the status of implementation of the strategic plan of the Authority for the five-year period 2019-2023, its related performance indicators and the status of the high-level actions and associated outputs assigned to the secretariat under the high-level action plan adopted by the Assembly in 2019. 

Further, a separate report has been issued in a graphical format, subtitled ‘Achieving the sustainable use of deep-sea minerals for the benefit of humankind’, documenting all the activities of the Authority between July 2019 and June 2020. The graphical report is available in the working languages of the Authority: English and French. Both reports should be read together.  


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