World Oceans Day 2019

World Oceans Day takes place on 8 June each year as a global celebration of the ocean, its marine life and all ocean activities. Oceans Day was first declared at the 1992 Global Forum in Rio de Janeiro, with the aim to bring the oceans to the center of global discussions and policy-decision making processes, and to strengthen the voice of ocean and coastal constituencies worldwide. For the UN and its partners, World Oceans Day is a day for scientists, policymakers and citizens to grow closer and interact around the key and emerging challenges our ocean faces today.

The theme for 2019 was ‘Gender and Oceans.’ To mark this day, along with ISA’s 25th Anniversary, ISA held an Open Day at its Headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade (MFAFT) and the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU). The event featured a series of activities throughout the day for young people.

Activities included

  • Opportunity for young people to take part in a UN intergovernmental meeting
  • Interactive presentations by ISA, NEPA and CMU
  • Pop up exhibition – ISA 25th Anniversary
  • Prize giveaways
  • Performances by students
  • Video screenings
  • Exhibitions stalls
  • Media Zone