Workshop for Developing a Framework for REMPs for Polymetallic Sulphide Deposits in Mid-Ocean Ridges

27 Jun 2018 - 29 Jun 2018

Szczecin, Poland

Photo by @Filip Kacalski/Uniwersytet Szczecinski

The International Seabed Authority and the University of Szczecin co-hosted a 3-day workshop on the Development of a Framework for Regional Environmental Management Plans (REMPs) for Polymetallic Sulphide Deposits in Mid-Ocean Ridges in Szczecin, Poland from 27-29 June 2018.

The workshop follows discussions during the first part of the Authority’s 24th Session meetings in March 2018 where the Council of the Authority took note of the preliminary strategy for the development of REMPs for key provinces where exploration activities under contracts were being carried out.

The main objective of the workshop is to provide the relevant organs of the Authority, as well as Contractors and their sponsoring States, a proactive area-based management tool to support informed decision-making that balances resource development with conservation for REMPs for polymetallic sulphides in Mid-Ocean Ridges.

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  • ISBA/24/C/3 Preliminary strategy for the development of regional environmental management plans for the Area
  • ISBA/17/LTC/7 Environmental Management Plan for the Clarion-Clipperton Zone



Opening Remarks | Secretary-General Michael Lodge, ISA

Presentation | The Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea (DOALOS)  and their Activities in the Area; Vladimir Jares, DOALOS

Presentation | ISA Strategic Environmental Management Plan; Dr Sandor Mulsow, ISA

Presentation | Mid-Ocean Ridges definition: scales, geology and stakeholders; Dr Sandor Mulsow, ISA

Presentation | Major ecological structures, distinctive features, and ecological functions of Mid-Ocean Ridges; Dr Cindy Van Dover

Presentation | CCZ EMP historical review lessons learnt; Dr Gwenaelle Le Gurun, ISA

Presentation | 30 Years of Environmental Studies, Interoceanmetal Joint Organization (IOM)

Presentation | COMRA Activity in Polymetallic Sulphide Areas in the Mid-Ocean Ridge of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, Dr. Chengbin Song, China Ocean Mineral Resource Research & Development Association (COMRA), China

Presentation | India Polymetallic Massive Sulphides Program, Dr Parihat Roy, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India

Presentation | Views on Regional Environmental Management Plans, Poland

Presentation | Current Status of the Polymetallic Nodule Exploration and Environmental Investigations in the Western Indian Ocean, U. Schwarz-Schampera, R. Freitag, C. Kriete & INDEX-Team, Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Germany

Presentation | An Update on L’Institut Français de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer (IFREMER)  Activities, France

Presentation | Korean Contractor Experiences, Republic of Korea

Presentation | Working toward a Strategic Environmental Management Plan in the Atlantic | SEMPIA, Dr Daniel Dunn,  National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, United Kingdom

Presentation | EASME Initiative: Regional Environmental Management Planning on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Phil Weaver, Seascape Pty | Kevin Murphy, ERM UK