JAMAICA, Kingston (8 March 2016) – – On 3 March 2016, the ISA Legal and Technical Commission selected first-ranked and alternate candidates for the Global Sea Mineral Resources NV (GSR), China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association (COMRA) and Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) training programmes. 
In the event that any of the first-ranked candidates do not accept the training offer or is unable to take part at short notice, the alternates will be contacted in the order  of ranking.
The candidate for one place in the GSR Master of Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management programme which starts in September 2016, organized by the Faculty of Science of Free University of Brussels, Antwerp University and Ghent University is as follows:
First-ranked candidate:           
Ms. Carolina M.L. Camargo (Brazil)  
1. Mr. David Fenner Moorcroft (South Africa)
2. Mr. Thomas E.T. Whiddon (Cook Islands)
The five candidates for the COMRA at-sea training onboard the Hai Yang Liu Hao research vessel cruise during August to November 2016 (re-scheduled from July to September 2016) are divided into three groups: 2 places for geological survey methods and samples processing technology, 2 places for environmental survey methods and samples processing technology and 1 place for geophysical survey methods. They are as follows:
Group A -Geological survey                                     
First-ranked candidates : Mr. Noah Awuntigi (Ghana), Mr. Johnmark Isarua Homu (Papua New Guinea)
1. Ms. Sutharat Srirod (Thailand) 
2. Mr. Batbayar Batkhuu (Mongolia)    
3. Mr. Bamidele Samuel Oresajo (Nigeria)
4. Mr. Inkiba Batoko Arséne  (D.R. Congo)
5. Mr. Thet Naing Win (Myanmar)
6. Mr. Jeff Baya Nshimba (D.R. Congo)
7. Ms. Martine Joseph (Haiti)
Group B – Environmental survey
First-ranked candidates : Mr. Fidele Kouilga Yameogo  (Burkina Faso); Ms. Alanna Smith (Cook Islands)
1. Mr. Gor Gevorgyan (Armenia)
2. Mr. Naftaly Nyakundi (Kenya)
3. Mr. Christopher Esquea (Dominica Republic)
4. Mr. Tiago Maximiano (Brazil)
5. Ms. Nadine Fatou Quattara (Burkina Faso)
6. Mr. Jhonsley Eurica Romain (Haiti)
Group C – Geophysical survey
First-ranked candidate : Ms. Elizabeth A. Pérez González (Mexico)
1. Mr. Mohamed Moawed Abou-Mahmoud (Egypt)
2. Mr. Newdeskarl Saint Fleur (Haiti)
3. Ms. Ana Clara Coni Mello (Brazil)
4. Mr. Mike Ken (Papua New Guinea)
5. Mr. Django Mady Coulibaly (Mali)
The five candidates selected for JOGMEC will work onboard a research cruise vessel between May and June in 2016 for a duration of 40 days to focus on environmental survey techniques for cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts. They are:
First-ranked candidates : Mr. Jean Marie Bope Bope Lapwong (D. R. Congo), Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Moheb Eldesouky (Egypt), Mr. Viliame Momoivalu (Fiji), Ms. Preeyaphat Kongthaworn (Thailand), Mr. Luis Polido de Souza (Brazil)                                  
1. Mr. Hai Trinh Le (Vietnam)
2. Mr. Solomon F. Dan (Nigeria)
3. Ms. Mamatha Singanahalli Shivaramu (India)
4. Mr. Wael Abdelwahab Ibrahem (Egypt)
5. Mr. Anh The Tran (Vietnam)
6. Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Gad  (Egypt)
7. Mr. Chon Thanh Vu (Vietnam) 
8. Mr. Capter John Tubo (Philippines) 
9. Mr. K M Azam Chowdhury (Bangladesh)
10. Mr. Zolboo Ganbaatar (Mongolia)
11. Mr. Haitham Said Al farqani (Oman)
12. Mr. Abdulkadir Mohamed Farah (Somali)