Presidents of the Assembly

2023 Mr. Fanday Turay Sierra Leone
2022 Mr. Satyendra Prasad* Fiji
2020/2021 Mr. Denys Wibaux France
2019 Ms. Kamina Johnson Smith Jamaica
2018 Mr. Mariusz-Orion Jędrysek Poland
2017 Mr. Eugénio Muianga Mozambique
2016 Rear Admiral (retd.) Md. Khurshed Alam Bangladesh
2015 Mr. Helmut Tuerk Austria
2014 Mr. Antonio Francisco Da Costa e Silva Neto Brazil
2013 Mr. Vladimir Mikhailovich Polenov Russia
2012 Mr. Milan Jaya Nyamrajsingh Meetarbhan Mauritius
2011 Mr. Peter Thomson Fiji
2010 Mr. Jesùs Silva-Fernandez Spain
2009 Mr. Mario Jose Pino Argentina
2008 Mr. Ryszard Kotlinski Poland
2007 Chief Olufolajimi Modupe Akintola Nigeria
2006 Mr. Sainivalati S Navoti Fiji
2005 Mr. Olav Myklebust Norway
2004 Mr. Dennis Francis Trinidad and Tobago
2003 Mr. Jozef Franzen Slovakia
2002 Mr. Martin Belinga-Eboutou Cameroon
2001 Mr. Peter Dickson Donigi Papua New Guinea
2000 Ms. Liesbeth Lijnzaad Netherlands
1999  Mr. José Luis Vallartar Mexico
1998  Mr. Tadeusz Bachleda-Curus Poland
1997 Mr. Amos Wako Kenya
1996 Mr. Hasjim Djalal Indonesia

*In his absence, the President designated Mr. Olav Myklebust (Norway, Vice President) to preside the meetings of the 27th session of the Assembly from 1 to 4 August 2022.

Temporary President

At the opening of each regular session of the Assembly, the President of the previous session or, in his absence, the head of the delegation from which the President of the previous session was elected shall preside until the Assembly has elected a President for the session.


At the beginning of each regular session the Assembly shall elect its President and four Vice Presidents in such a way as to ensure the representative character of the Bureau. They shall hold office until a new President and other officers are elected at the next regular session.

Acting President

If the President finds it necessary to be absent during a meeting or any part thereof, he shall designate one of the Vice Presidents to take his place.

Powers of the Acting President

A Vice President acting as President shall have the same powers and duties as the President.

Replacement of the President

If the President is unable to perform his functions, a new President shall be elected for the unexpired term.

General powers of the President

In addition to exercising the powers conferred upon him elsewhere by these rules, or by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the President shall declare the opening and closing of each plenary meeting of the session, direct the discussions in plenary meeting, ensure observance of these rules, accord the right to speak, put questions and announce decisions. He shall rule on points of order and, subject to these rules, shall have complete control of the proceedings at any meeting and over the maintenance of order thereat. The President may, in the course of the discussion of an item, propose to the Assembly the limitation of the time to be allowed to speakers, the limitation of the number of times each representative may speak, the closure of the list of speakers or the closure of the debate. He may also propose the suspension or the adjournment of the meeting or the adjournment of the debate on the item under discussion.

Limitation of the powers of the President

The President, in the exercise of his functions, remains under the authority of the Assembly.

Voting of the President and Acting President

The President, or a Vice President acting as President, shall not vote but shall designate another member of his delegation to vote in his place.