International Workshop on Capacity Development Resources & Needs Assessment

10 Feb 2020 - 12 Feb 2020

Kingston, Jamaica


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The ISA Secretariat will organize an international workshop on “Capacity development, resources and needs assessment” in Kingston, Jamaica, from 10-12 February 2020.

Held over three-days, the workshop will be designed and structured with the intention to achieve the following objectives:

1) Clarifying the nature and objectives of capacity-building and technical assistance provided by ISA in the context of Part XI of UNCLOS;

2) Undertaking an assessment of: (a) the capacity-building needs of the developing States, Parties to UNCLOS and Members of ISA; and (b) the current capacity-building initiatives and programmes implemented by ISA in order to understand how to improve their effectiveness and impact; (c) the resources available to ISA to address such needs.

3) Identifying the core elements for the design and development of a dedicated strategy for capacity-building activities that will measurably contribute to increase capacities of ISA member States in specific area(s) identified.

The ISA Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 (ISBA/24/A/10) and the High Level Action Plan relating to its implementation (ISBA/25/A/15) explicitly recognise the role of ISA in ensuring that capacity-building measures are developed and implemented to meet the needs of developing States (Strategic Direction 5) and in promoting the participation of developing States in activities undertaken in the Area (Strategic Direction 6).

To fulfil that role, specific actions need to be undertaken by the Secretariat by 2020, as it relates to the identification of the capacity needs of developing States, in particular geographically disadvantaged States, small island developing States (SIDS), least developed countries (LDCs) and land-locked developing countries (LLDCs) (High Level Action 5.1.1).

It is envisaged that the discussion held at this workshop will provide the Secretariat of ISA with the necessary elements to start developing a dedicated strategy that will be designed with the view to shifting from training individuals to enhancing in-country capacity through an adjustment of ISA programmes to the specific needs and priorities of member States.

As part of the preparatory work prior to the workshop, the Secretariat is currently undertaking a series of reviews on the capacity-building activities implemented by ISA (Contractor Training, Endowment Fund for Marine Scientific Research, internships etc.). It is expected that these reviews would facilitate a holistic discussion during the workshop. The outcomes of these reviews would be shared with Members and Observers as well as confirmed workshop participants, in due course.


1 The Advisory Committee has been established by the ISA Secretary-General to assist the Secretariat in the preparation of the workshop and is comprised of individuals representing the main interested regional groups concerned (African Group, GRULAC, Asia-Pacific Group) as well as development partners, representatives of the Training group of the Legal and Technical Commission, international organizations and contractors. The list of the members of this Advisory Committee can be accessed here:

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