Presentations: Capacity Development Workshop


Presentation | Objectives of the workshop  and expected outcomes; HE Mathu Joyini, Director, Diplomatic Training and Support (DIRCO), South African

Presentation |  Key findings of the assessment of the capacity building programmes and initiatives implemented by the ISA;  Marie Bourrel-Mckinnon, Senior Policy Officer-Special Assistant to the Secretary-General, ISA


Presentation | Key findings of the assessment of the Contractor Training Programme

Presentation | Perspectives on Capacity Building; John Parianos, Manager Exploration and Polymetallic Nodules, Tonga Offshore Mining Limited

Presentation |  Video | Assessment of the GSR Training Programme;  Francois Charlet, Exploration Manager – Marine Geologist, GSR

Presentation | Assessment of the COMRA Contractor Training Programme, Jun Jiang-Deputy Permanent Representative of China to ISA

Presentation | Exploration for cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts; Judith Owusu,

Presentation | Video  | Promoting increased participation of developing states in marine scientific research programmes and transfer of technology through capacity-building: the role of the International Seabed Authority; Hank Hedge, Ministry of Transport and Mining


Presentation |  Key findings of the assessment of the Endowment Fund for Marine Scientific Research in the Area; Tearinaki Tanielu, Consultant &  Marie Bourrel-Mckinnon, ISA

Presentation | Capacity building/development and academic research: an experience through InterRidge and beyond;  Jérôme Dyment, InterRidge Chair, CNRS and Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris


Presentation | Assessment of the Internship Programme; Kayon Wray, Senior Training Assistant, ISA

Presentation | Case Study – Overview of the Fellowship Initiatives implemented in other UN institutions, Ximena Hinrichs, Registrar, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

Presentation | Capacity-Building and Fellowship Programmes; Ms Jessica Howley, Legal Officer, DOALOS

Presentation | Case Study – Former Intern; David Garzon, Pico, Ecuador


Presentation | Case Study 1 : Abyssal Initiative project; Sainivalati S. Navoti (Sai), Chief, SIDS Unit Division for Sustainable Development Goals, UN-DESA

Presentation | Case Study 2 – ADSR Project; Marie Bourrel-Mckinnon, ISA


Presentation | Video | Case study: ISA-China Joint Training Centre- update, objectives, activities, program of work, way forward; Shi Xianpeng, National Deep Sea Center – Mrs Jihyun Lee, Director of the Office of Environmental Management and Mineral
Resources, ISA


Presentation | Importance of capacity-building for SIDS, LDCs and LLDCs in the context of the 2030 Agenda and the other high-level frameworks; USG Fekitamoeloa Tpoupai Utoikamanu, High Representative for small island States, least developed countries and land-locked developing countries, UN-OHRLLS

Presentation | The identification of capacity development needs and priorities by developping States – What methodology? Marie Bourrel-Mckinnon, Senior Policy Officer-Special Assistant to the Secretary-General, ISA

Presentation | Case Study – Overview of the Technology Bank for the LDCs; Joshua Setipa, Director, Technology Bank for the LDCs

Presentation | Case study: overview of potential future capacity needs in deep sea research; Luciana Genio, Environment Analyst, ISA


Presentation | Empowering women in the maritime community; Professor Ronán Long, Director at WMU-Sasakawa Global Ocean Institute of the World Maritime University

Presentation |  Enhancing the role of women in marine scientific research;  Marie Bourrel-McKinnon, ISA


Presentation |  Building synergies and opportunities through the UN Decade of Ocean Science to enhance the capacity
development programmes and initiatives of ISA ;  Cesar Toro, Head of IOCARIBE Secretariat

Presentation |  The Future of capacity development and technology transfer to meet the needs of developing States,
members of ISA ;  Michael W. Lodge, Secretary-General, ISA