Workshop on Polymetallic Nodule Resources Classification

13 Oct 2014 - 17 Oct 2014

Goa, India

Agenda | Background Document | Photos


Dr. S. Rajan, Director, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, (NCAOR), Goa; Ministry of Earth Sciences (MOES), Government of India

Dr. Shyamal Kanti Das, Advisor/Scientific Secretary ESSO Ministry of Earth Sciences (MOES), Government of India

H.E. Mr. N.A. Odunton, Secretary-General, International Seabed Authority (ISA)


  • Mining Technology for the Classification of Polymetallic Nodule Resources in the Area

International Standards for Resource and Economic Evaluation. Applications for Deep Seabed Mining;
Caitlyn L. Antrim, Rule of Law Committee for Oceans |  Presentation

Public Reports and Studies in the Minerals Industry. Applications to Deep Seabed Mineral Development
Caitlyn L. Antrim, Rule of Law Committee for Oceans: |  Presentation

 Nodule collector subsystems – Organization of the OMI pilot mining test programme & its use in collaborative tests by contractors
Ted Brockett, Sound Ocean Systems Inc :  Presentation

  • Emerging International Standards for Mineral Resource Evaluation

Information needs of financiers, investors and resource managers
Michael Stanley, World Bank | Presentation

Resource classification – comprehensive extraction and the importance of environmental and social issues
David MacDonald, Chair, Expert group on resource classification (UNGCRE)  |  Presentation (Shared with Charlotte Griffiths)

United Nations Framework Classification (UNFC) – how it  works  in  practice  and  its  application  to  seabed mineral resources
Griffiths Charlotte Griffiths, UN Economic Commission for Europe |  Presentation (Shared with David MacDonald)

The Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO) – Classification Code
Pat Stephenson, AMC Mining Consultants, Canada |  Presentation

Best practices – general and specific guidelines from CRIRSCO and its member organizations
Pat Stephenson, AMC Mining Consultants, Canada |  Presentation

The ‘competent person’ in mine-site evaluation and responsibilities for study design, management and findings
Matthew Nimmo, Golder Associates, Australia |  Presentation

Identification of special aspects of polymetalic nodule deposits of the Area that should be addressed in reporting standards
Matthew Nimmo, Golder Associates, Australia  |  Presentation

Identification of any issues arising from differences in national reporting standards to which the Authority should respond
Paul Kay, Offshore Minerals, Geosciences, Australia  |  Presentation

  • Status of Contractor Activities in Resource Assessment : Contractor Efforts

Interoceanmetal Joint Organization (IOM)  : Activities of the IOM within the scope of geological exploration for polymetallic nodule resources

Yuzmorgeologiya  : The Concept of the Russian Exploration Area Polymetallic Nodule Resources and Reserve Categorization

Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology  (KIOST) : Status of Korea Activities in Resource Assessment and Mining Technologies

China Ocean Mineral Resources  (COMRA) : Activities in Resource Assessment

Deep Ocean Resources Development Co Ltd  (DORD) :  Polymetallic Noldule Resources Evaluation – How we are doing

Institut français de recherché pour l’exploitation de la mer  (Ifremer) : Polymetallic Nodules Resources Classification. French effort – 1970-2014

Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India  : Polymetallic Nodules Programme – Resource Evaluation

Tonga Offshore Mining Limited (TOML)  : CCZ Nodule Projects. 2013 Mineral Resource Estimate per N143-101

Global Sea Mineral Resources NV  : Lead up of the Polymetallic Nodules Project and Context

UK Seabed Resources