Processing Technologies, Metal Recoveries & Economic Feasibility of Deep Sea Mining

3 Sep 2018 - 6 Sep 2018

Warsaw, Poland

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The International Seabed Authority, Interoceanmetal Joint Organization (IOM) and the Ministry of the Environment in Poland are jointly organizing a workshop on Processing Technologies, Metal Recoveries & Economic Feasibility of Deep Sea Mining at the Ministry of Environment in Warsaw, Poland 3-6 September, 2018.

The workshop will be focused on the following core areas: Processing technologies (metal recovery); Economic feasibility of mining seabed minerals; Impact of seabed mining on terrestrial mineral supplies; Environment – clean marine technology, waste disposal and recycling; International cooperation, regulations and role of the ISA as regulator.

The Authority is inviting stakeholders and in particular, contractors holding exploration contracts, to participate in the workshop.

With a limited number of available places, interested persons are required to register by submitting a letter of interest to the Authority by 7 August 2018.

For further information, please contact: Dr. Pratima Jauhari / Dr. Sandor Mulsow and/or Ms. Shanique Gregory

Further details which will be uploaded as they come to hand.





Video Message (See Below)  | Secretary-General Michael Lodge Opening Address

Presentation | Environmental Aspects of Nodule Processing; Dr Jeffrey Donald, DeepGreen Metals

Presentation | International cooperation, regulations, and role of the International Seabed Authority; Mr. Thembile E. Joyini, Department of International Relations and Cooperation, Republic of South Africa

Presentation | Royalty in mining activity: Chilean case; Mr. Sergio Hernandez Nunez, Executive Vice President, Chilean Copper Commission

Presentation | Seabed mining: Shared value and financing of the Seabed Authority; Mr. Sergio Hernandez Nunez, Executive Vice President, Chilean Copper Commission

R&D in Metallurgical Processes, including Functional Materials, Ore Pre-Treatment, Metal Recovery, Energy Utilization and Waste Disposal [Moderator Mr Geogiy Cherkashov]

Presentation | Potential Alternative Utilization of Manganese Nodules; Prof. Ng. Hong Vu, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Presentation | Smelting of polymetallic nodules in electric furnace – results from laboratory tests; Dr inż. Andrzej Chmielarz, Prof. IMN Dr inż. Tomasz Sak, Instytut Metali Niezelaznych, Gliwice

Contractors’ Efforts

Presentation | Identification and determination of factors encountered in marine minerals processing, influencing world metal markets; Mr Mario Cabello Marante, Interoceanmetal (IOM)

Presentation | Status and Prospect of Polymetallic Nodules Process Development in Korea; Dr Kyungho Park, Republic of Korea

Presentation | Process Consideration and Economic Evaluation of Polymetallic Nodules by DORD; Mr Tadayuki Ishiyama, Deep Ocean Resources Development Ltd (DORD)

Presentation | Maximizing metallurgical yields at minimal environmental cost; Simon Boel, Global Sea Resources NV (GSR)

Presentation | Metallurgical Processing of Manganese Nodules – Indian Perspective; Kali Sanjay, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

Presentation | Hydrometallurgical Processing of Polymetallic Nodules from the Clarion Clipperton Zone (CCZ); Dr David Dreisinger, UK Seabed Resources (UKSR)

Presentation | Development of technologies for processing ocean ore from the Russian Exploration Area; V. Yubko, A. Romanchuk, I. Ponomareva, State Scientific Center “Yuzhmorgeologia”, Russian Federation

Presentation | JOGMEC activities on the R/D of processing and metallurgical technologies for cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts; Dr Nobuyuki Okamoto, JOGMEC

Presentation | The Influence of Metals Processing Economics on the Choice of a Financial Payment Mechanism for DSM Polymetallic Nodules; Richard Roth, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Materials Research Laboratory

Comments | Comments on Processing and Economics; John Parianos, Tonga Offshore Mining Ltd (TOML)

Presentation | Optimized, zero waste pyrometallurgicalprocessing of polymetallic nodules from the German CCZ license area; Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources of Germany (BGR)

Presentation | Processing Technologies Metal Recoveries and Economic Feasibility of Deep Sea Mining; Nauru Ocean Resources Inc., (NORI)

Presentation | Review on the Processing Research of Ocean Mineral Resources in China; COMRA

Economic Feasibility of Deep Seabed Mining, including product market, cost model from deep sea mining to shipment to land, cost analysis for metallurgical process, techno-economics and venture comparison study to terrestrial resource exploitation

Presentation | Determination of uncertainties in DSM economic models for polymetallic nodules project; Peter Balaz, Interoceanmetal (IOM)

Working Groups

Presentation | Working Group #1:  Overview of R&D in processing technologies and metal recovery, comprehensive utilization and waste disposal;  [Chair – Dr. David Dreisinger, Rapporteur – Dr. Sanjay Kali]

Presentation | Working Group #2: The economic feasibility issues such as economic consequences of different processing options, the cost model, global metal market, supply and demand, techno-economic feasibility & venture comparison;  [Chair – Dr. Richard Roth, Rapporteur – Mr. Harald Brekke]

Presentation | Working Group #3: environmental concern including the waste disposal issue, processing plant location choice and determination

* Please note that as referred to in the Agenda, an overnight stay will be required in Glogów on the 5th of September after the planned visit to the processing metallurgical plant of KGHM company. Reservations have since been  made for 39 participants who will be required to make the payments directly to the Hotel on arrival.

Workshop participants are also required to confirm their hotel of choice and register their interest in attending by emailing Ms Shanique Gregory to allow for hotel reservations. Click this link for the Recommended Hotels