Contractor Training Programme

All applicants must submit/upload a copy of the completed Nomination Form with this application together with a passport photo and any other relevant documents. Only applications received within the deadline and with the completed Nomination Forms will be considered

Please answer each question clearly. 


Passport Information

Proficiency in English

Other Language (UN official Languages)

Education (University or equivalent)

Give full details in so far as possible 
Field of Study
(Highlights, not more than 100 words)
(not more than 250 words)

Employment Record

Starting with your present or most recent post, list in reverse order every employment during the last ten years (if possible) and any significant experience not included in that period which you believe will be helpful in evaluating your record.

Present Post (Last Post, If Not Presently In Employment)

I certify that the statements made by me in reply to the foregoing questions are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. If selected as a participant into the Training Programme, I confirm that I understand and will accept the following conditions:

1) To conduct myself at all times in a manner compatible with my responsibilities as a participant of the Training Programme and abide by the rules of the training institution and institutions in which I undertake training;

2) To refrain from engaging in political or commercial and any activities other than those governed by the Training Programme;

3) To provide all necessary information in a timely manner to the host institution and institutions to be visited so as to ensure the normal administration of the Training Programme;

4) To comply with the reporting requirements as stipulated by the Training Programme;

5) To return to my home country upon completion of my training programme and to resume work in my country;

6) Not to extend the length of my training or my stay for personal conveniences;

7) The International Seabed Authority accepts no responsibility for the medical and life insurance of the trainee or costs and any other responsibilities arising from injury, illness or death that may occur to the trainee during the training period.

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